The Wilson Firm Awards $1000 Scholarship

Scholarship Award The Wilson Firm Awards $1000 Scholarship

The Wilson Firm is pleased to announce that we recently awarded a $1000 scholarship to a deserving student, J.D. Candidate Nga Tran-Medina, at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law. As a leading law firm specializing in tax law, we are committed to supporting the next generation of legal professionals and helping to shape the future of the legal field.

Our very own tax attorney, Jay Poynter, had the honor of presenting the scholarship at the Corporate and Tax Law Society Panel. During the panel, Jay spoke about the exciting opportunities and challenges that come with a career in tax controversy. We're proud of Jay's insights and experience in this field, and we're grateful for the opportunity to share our knowledge and support with the students at Thurgood Marshall.

At The Wilson Firm, we pride ourselves on providing personalized and strategic legal solutions to our clients. We offer a wide range of legal services, including tax planning and compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and general corporate advice. Our team of experienced attorneys is dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest developments in the law and delivering the best possible results for our clients.

We're honored to have the opportunity to support the Thurgood Marshall School of Law and its students. Congratulations to the scholarship recipient, and thank you to the school for allowing us to be a part of this exciting opportunity! We look forward to continuing our work with Thurgood Marshall and to contributing to the future success of the legal profession.